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Donating Towards a Shop Van for Electricity

After Diman’s 50th Committee banquet, the Diman Bengal Education Foundation (DBEF) voted to donate $7,150.00 of their proceeds to Diman Regional to help complete the purchase of a new van for the Electricity shop. Depicted in the photo below is Michael R. Napert and Brian Bentley, members of the DBEF’s Board of Directors, handing the van keys to Maria Torres, the Assistant Principal of Technical Affairs, in front of the new van.

3M Printer for Machine Tooling

AA Precision Machine Co. and the Diman Bengal Education Foundation recently donated a 3-D printer to the Machine Tool Technology program at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in memory of Brian David Levesque. Delivering the 3D printer were Arthur Arruda of Diman’s class of 1956, founder of AA Precision Machine, and company owners William Bosse, class of 1990, and Jeffrey Arruda, class of 1992.

Threading Machine for Electrical

Diman is thrilled to accept a Steel Dragon Tools 1224 Pipe Threading Machine for our Electricity Program through a generous donation from the Diman Bengal Education Foundation (DBEF), Rene Lachapelle (RALCO), and Jerry Donovan (Donovan Electric & Alarm, G & J Property Management). The machine was donated in memory of Emmanuel Gaspar, a 1993 graduate of the Electricity Program, who passed away while working for RALCO in 2001. Lachapelle donated it to honor Gaspar’s contribution to his then-startup company. Lachapelle and Donovan are vice chairmen on the DBEF and are […]

Upgraded Physics Lab

Diman Bengal Educational Foundation board members and Diman school officials gathered at the school on November 12, 2015 to announce the Foundation has contributed $53,500 towards the Physics Classroom/Lab Renovation Project. The Foundation’s contribution reflects funding from Bank Five, Bay Coast Bank, Rodgers Family Foundation, Fall River Rotary Club, 1972 Diman graduate Frank Santos and funds from the Foundation’s general fund. Started in July of 2013, the Foundation has provided funding for three other projects at the school. These include a Customer Service Center in the Automotive Technology Shop, a […]

Resurfacing Diman’s Sports Field

At a brief ceremony on Diman’s football/soccer field, Diman Bengal Education Foundation officials presented a $12,000 check to assist with renovation of Diman’s main sports field. The field is expected to be ready for use before the end of the football season, according to the company that is doing the work: Sports Turf Specialties. Since becoming a non-profit in 2013, the Foundation has contributed funds toward seven school projects. Foundation board members who attended the presentation included Paul Medeiros, Edward Hill, Jerry Gunner, Rene Lachapelle, Richard Urban, Roger Dugal, Steve […]

Culinary Arts Dining Terrace

Recently at Diman Regional, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to dedicate the newly built dining terrace that is connected to the school’s restaurant, Room 251. The site was dedicated to Frank Santos, a 1972 Diman Culinary Arts graduate. Santos has been a board member and major contributor of the Diman Bengal Education Foundation since it started in 2013. In his professional life he is CFO/Vice President of Rosen Resorts & Hotels in Orlando Florida. The terrace was built with funds from the school budget, Foundation contribution and an allocation […]

Dual Monitors for Business Technology

The Diman Bengal Education Foundation recently held a fundraising event to celebrate 5 years as a successful foundation. With the funds gained from this event along with sponsorship provided by BayCoast Bank, the foundation was able to fully fund dual monitors for the Business Technology shop.

Lab Equipment for Medical Assistant Program

Recently Diman Regional earned preliminary approval from the Mass Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education to offer a Medical Assistant Program. This new career training for high school students would require Diman to absorb all start up expenses, including instructor salary, room modifications and training materials. Prima CARE, St Anne’s Hospital, Bay Coast Bank and the Diman Bengal Education Foundation have combined financial resources to assist Diman with the estimated expenses for the training materials. Representatives for the four organizations and Diman presented the school with a $17,800 donation.

DBEF Donates Chromebooks

Holding the 2nd annual clam boil fundraising event at the South Seekonk Sports Club this month, the Diman Bengal Education Foundation was able to net half of the funds presented to Diman Regional to purchase 55 Chromebooks. The balance of the funding was covered by current Foundation resources. This technology has become a resourceful tool within the English Language Arts Departmentt and helps prepare sophomore students for MCAS 2.0 testing. For the second year in a row, the clam boil fundraising event was successfully sold out. In addition to ticket […]

Site Saw for Carpentry

Diman’s faculty, students, and parents can breathe a little easier at their house-building site, thanks to a donation by the family of the late Ron Silvia, Sr., Diman’s Key Club, and the Diman Bengal Education Foundation. The groups collaborated on the purchase of a finger-safe SawStop Jobsite Saw. The mobile table saw uses electrical conductivity to detect skin. If a hand does touch the saw, it stops and drops into the table in less than one thousandth of a second, usually leaving nary a scratch. The saw was purchased in […]