“I want to recognize Bank Five and the Fall River Rotary Club for their financial support during the start-up phase and board member Frank Santos who reimbursed the consultant that assisted with the government applications. In addition, he praised board member Edward Hill for his tireless work with the consultant to ensure the foundation was approved within six months.
From my community board experience, many factors make for a successful organization, but the key element is the qualities of the board membership. Fortunately for me I am leading a group that is outstanding in many areas. Eleven are Diman graduates, three are lawyers, seven operate their own business, two college administrators, two high ranking corporate employees, eleven are inducted into the Diman Hall of Fame, five have received honorary Diman diplomas, four have received Diman’s Distinguished Graduate Award, twenty college degrees achieved and two have extensive school committee experience. Because of the abilities of this membership, I fully expected this foundation to be successful within a short period of time.”   -Paul Medeiros, President